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Little things for Little Strings, by Eva Belvelin, is a collection of printed and recorded pieces composed for beginner violinists. Right from the start Eva’s music introduces the more advanced techniques of string playing in a simple and playful way. Little things for Little Strings has been devised to encourage the desire to make music and to establish a healthy technique right from the start.

Little Things framsida.jpg

The captivating tunes help students develop an ergonomic posture, and the wide variety of musical styles makes practising fun for all, making for quick progress that in turn adds to the joy of playing. Play the music in lessons, concerts, individually or in groups.

Illustrations: Ia Gottberg

Backing Tracks: Per Strandberg.

The 175 music files are available on all music streaming platforms e.g. Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, iTunes, Tencent Music, Amazon, NetEase, Tidal, Deezer, Pandora Listen here.

Free PDFs below. Click on images to download.
The Cowboy Tune Violin 1-4.jpg

Cowboy Lasso/Boots/Hat - can be played together with Cowboy Song, page 57

French Waltz.jpg

French Waltz - can be played together with French Folk Song, page 78

Sunset Sky.jpg

Sunset Sky - can be played together with Sunset & Sunset Ride, page 82-83

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